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"We are so pleased with our new lakefront home on Lake Travis!  When we started we told you we wanted to bring the outside in and indeed, we can sit in our living area and feel like we are on the lake!  Your engineering experience and expertise were invaluable in securely situating us with a firm foundation on the limestone hills of the lakeshore.  We were particularly pleased with the way you listened to us and helped us sit down with the architect and put down in design plans what was on our minds and in our hearts.  We wanted the most bang for our budgeted bucks and you gave us the very best.  Indeed, your suggestions helped us see new possibilities which we did not think possible both as we designed the house and in the ongoing building process.  We had the feeling all along that you were not simply building us a house, but were building a house that you would be proud to own and live in yourself.  Our trust in you was well founded as the construction took place while we lived 800 miles away.  Pictures, phone calls, emails were constant and when we were able to come and see it, you cleared you schedule to be available to us during our limited trips.  Thank you for making our first home building project an incredibly rich experience and making our dreams real.  You stuck with us throughout the process and are still standing by as you keep reminding us, “I’m going to be here when you need anything in the future!”  We’ve gained a lifelong fried as well." Chuck & Laura Mendenhall - Lake Travis "In 2008, Tommy Roberts of Triton Custom Homes built a residential home for me at 2205 Jacks Pass in Lakeway, TX.  Triton stayed on schedule and completed the home under budget.  Tommy communicated well and has a high degree of integrity.  The workmanship quality of the home combined with the professional job that the agent for Keller Williams (Danci Roberts) performed yield a not expected profit in a time of economic distress.  I will definitely use Triton Custom Homes for future investments." John Medica, Jr. - Real Estate Investor