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Designing Your Outdoor Space

By: Autumn Morgan Your home is your sanctuary, where you come to regroup, recharge and relax. But sometimes sitting outdoors is even more wonderful, as outdoor living spaces have become a heavenly extension of the home. When designing your outdoor living space, there are a few things to keep in mind. Writing down what you want or expect out of the finished product will be key in the designing process. Be sure to group pieces together in a way that encourages comfort, conversation and a good view of your property or nature. Finding inspiration can be the most exciting part. We know you scour the internet, various home design websites, magazines and of course, the new leading visual social media site, Pinterest! Pin or organize your ideas and decide what would be best for your space and budget. Choosing furniture, pillows, candles, rugs and other accessories should create continuity in your design but also make it come alive! Choose 3 or 4 colors for your theme and try to stick to these when choosing fabrics and textures. Reds, blues, neutrals and garden greens are top picks for the season, and metallic finishes are also very popular for outdoor spaces. There is nothing quite like an outdoor bonfire, so incorporating your very own fire pit in your outdoor space is a wonderful way to create a relaxing, reminiscent mood for your evenings with friends and family. Choose a fire pit that is stylish and useful during all seasons- in the warmer months, it can be a fun way to star-gaze while roasting marshmallows and bringing a bit of warmth to a chilly evening; when the weather cools down, you can all throw on your favorite jackets and gather close to keep warm, while breathing in the crisp fall air. In addition to the beautiful light a fire brings, it is encouraged to consider other means of lighting your outdoor living area. “Lightscaping” the art of creating the perfect ambiance through various lighting sources in your space, can bring just the right amount of illumination to amaze your family and guests. When planning this portion of your design, try to use as many “green” or eco-friendly lighting sources as possible. Your electric bill will thank you! Most importantly, make your space a reflection of you. Create it to be a place where you can enjoy the people and fresh air around you! We would love to see your outdoor living spaces- post pics on our Facebook page.

Posted on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 | Categories: Outdoors