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Going Green

As the home building market steadily begins to rise, new trends are emerging. When consumers used to want the best (and often the most costly) building materials and designs, there has been a shift in trends so that consumers are searching for the most cost-effective, eco-friendly, sustainable building materials possible. The challenge for construction companies and builders is finding a way to accommodate consumers’ needs while staying under a budget. You are probably familiar with LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which provides building owners with a framework identifying ways to implement practical and measurable green build design, construction and operation solutions. Over 9 billion square feet of building space participates in LEED’s rating system, and about 1.6 million square feet are being certified per day worldwide, transforming the standards at which buildings are designed and constructed. In 2011, LEED’s growth was only at about 3%, with about 649 million square feet of high-performance new construction projects, and 675 million square feet worth existing building and maintenance projects, but this number is expected to steadily rise with green efforts and options. There is a huge trend right now among hotels, grocery stores, hospitals and retail centers investing money in building improvements, giving them the ability to market their eco-friendliness. Even single projects, such as using certain paint or incorporating solar panels to their roofs shows a business’s dedication to improving their building’s quality. While building an entirely new “green” structure may be an option, it is not as favorable as steadily adding “green” features to an already-existing Energy-star rated building or home. The market is leaning towards growth for green builders, so if you go green, you are already at a steep advantage over others who have not started offering this to their customers . It may be a slow, steady process, integrating eco-friendly materials into design and build companies, but those who are making even small changes are making a huge impact in their communities. Have you implemented any “green” changes to your buildings or your design structures?

Posted on Saturday, June 30th, 2012 | Categories: Trends