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Considerations Before a Remodel

If you walk into your home and imagine all the ways you would like to change it, how shiny kitchen tile would reflect the light beaming from some new lighting fixtures, how wooden floors would dramatically change the look of your living spaces, how new wooden cabinets would be a lovely replacement for the creaky ones you have currently, or how you always wished there was a window by your breakfast nook, you may be in the market for a remodel! Before ever starting your remodel, it is important to prioritize what you want- which rooms are more important? What look do you want to attain? What is your budget? About 20% of your budget should be reserved for unexpected expenses that almost always occur during renovations, and expecting this up front will minimize stress of extra expenditures. Make sure beyond this that you stay within your budget. There are some ways to reduce your remodeling budget by preserving the current structure of your home and working around it. For example, maintain the location of major gas, plumbing and electric outlets instead of installing new ones in new places. Another option would be to re-glaze a bathtub instead of replacing it completely. Use fiberglass or marble sheets instead of ceramic tiles, reducing labor costs. Of course, don’t give up important style and convenience options- these must also be considered. You are remodeling your space to be more accommodating to your tastes and needs. When looking for inspiration, visit other homes that have recently been remodeled, create Pinterest boards, tour a Parade of Homes, go to open houses, and scour the pages of Houzz. I’ll admit, I spend hours doing this, and I think I have enough inspiration to create an entire neighborhood, not just a house! You should also visit stores that sell home remodeling products, and make note of the different flooring, lighting, kitchen and bath options available.

Posted on Monday, July 30th, 2012 | Categories: Tips and Help